CodeAcross Vermont Beyond Transparency

CodeAcross Vermont Beyond Transparency

CodeAcross Vermont is a set of events taking place in cities and towns around Vermont the weekend of Saturday, February 22, 2014. CodeAcross Vermont is part of a larger network of CodeAcross events happening simultaneously around the world. You can either participate in an existing local CodeAcross Vermont event, or organize your own CodeAcross Vermont event if there isn't one already planned for your city or town.

CodeAcross Vermont is an opportunity to use open data as a tool to address real-world issues and opportunities in Vermont communities. Open data is data that is openly available for use by third parties, often provided by a government department or agency. Open data can lead to greater transparency, more accountability, citizen participation, innovation, and improved effectiveness and efficiency.

The State of Vermont is working on publishing an open data portal. The City of Burlington Mayor's Office recently started work on an open data portal. The inaugural Vermont Open Data Summit was hosted by the Vermont Center for Geographic Information (VCGI) this past October, beginning a statewide discussion about open data. CodeAcross Vermont can build on this momentum and demonstrate the value of open data in Vermont.

Those who might be interested in participating include:

  • Community members with a passion for improving their communities
  • Community organizers
  • Non-profits and mission-driven organizations
  • Journalists and bloggers
  • Urbanists and those interested in city and town planning
  • Civic hackers, developers, designers and makers
  • Open data advocates
  • Government officials and staff